Finn 1
English Finn
Korean 세나
Nicknames Captain
Gender male
Siblings * 3 Older Sisters
Anime debut Tai Chi Chasers Episode 1
Appear in Tai Chi Chasers
Species Tigeroid
Nemesis Ave

Finn is one of the main protagonists of the Tai Chi Chasers. He is part of the Tigeroid species. His voice actor is Tom Wayland in the dub.


Finn is a young tenage boy with pale skin and blue eyes, He has long blue hair that hang down to his waist. Finn wears a light blue long sleeved shirt, with a darker blue vest over it. His vest has a brown outlining and gold curls on it. He also wears black pants with a lose belt, and blue shoes.

When he turns into his Tigeroid form, his hair strikes out and he has stripes under his eyes. He also has stripes on his arms although it is hard to see because of his long sleeved shirt.


Finn is the quiet and laid back person in the team. He sometimes points out the obvious, such as when he said Tori and Donha got bored so they ditched the group. Finn always focuses on his mission, never forgeting about it. Finn seems like the person Sena trusts the most, since he's always giving her good advice.

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