English Sena
Korean 세나
Nicknames Captain
Gender Female
Age Rai's age so on
Parents *General Aidan
Siblings * Hannah (younger sister)
  • Asty (older sister)
  • Cloda (older sister)
  • Straw (older sister)
Anime debut Tai Chi Chasers Episode 1
Appear in Tai Chi Chasers
Species Tirgeroid
Nemesis Jahara

Sena is one of the main protagonists of the Tai Chi Chasers. She is part of the Tigeroid race, and is a very kind and strong leader. Her family consists of her father General Aidan, her older sisters Asty, Cloda, and Straw, and her younger sister Hannah. She is voiced by Lisa Ortiz in the dub.

Sena wields (mok) the tree tai chi, (chuan) the stream tai chi, and (am) the darkness tai chi.


Sena is a young girl with light brown hair and eyes. Her outfit consists of a purple tank top with a pink a light pink shirt with long sleeves, then a magenta noodle strap shirt, and dark purple pants and shoes.

Like all other tigeroids, when she tranforms to her tigeroid state she glows purple, have stripes on her arms and face, and her hair grows longer.


Sena is the strong, willed leader of the tai chi chasers. She is kind and generous, always sticking to a mission. But sometimes she can get angry, because her teammates goof off or stray away from a mission. But everytime they come back to the topic, she neither yells at them or gives them a punishment.

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