Tori is one of the main protagonists in the Tai Chi Chasers. He is one of the youngest and sm


allest Tigeroids. He is voiced by Veronica Taylor in the dub.

He wields the (myoen) sleep, (hwan) illusion, (hwal) slip, and (hwah) change tai chi.


Tori is a young boy, with long hair and round glasses. He wears a purple shirt with a yellow border, and white baggy shorts.

When he transforms into his tigeroid form, his hair strikes out and becomes longer in the back. Like all tigeroids, he has striped on his face and arms when transforming.


Tori is the trickster of the group, always using his illusion tai chi to trick the Dragonoids. Sometimes he uses his tai chi to ditch the group to have fun. But when trouble is near he quickly rushes back to help his friends. Due to his past life, Tori is always the one who makes others smile, human or animal.

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